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In your face, label quality mixes. if you're not happy, we're not done!

Why Should We Work


It's terrible hearing horror stories from bands spending endless amount of time, money and effort on recordings but never release the songs because they didn't turn out the way they imagined. I hear you! I really do! That's why I've made it my mission to make sure every artist I work with feels proud of the work we do together.

Is it your dream to inspire people with your music? If so, let's have a conversation today on how I can help you with taking your music to the next level.


Control Room
Steven Anthony

Steven Anthony
Stevei AK, AK Music Production

Baz is an absolute WIZARD when it comes to audio engineering! Anything this man touches turns to GOLD. He completely built out his own studio and has some fascinating equipment to work with! It's not just that but the man KNOWS HOW to use it. Listen to his portfolio and you will be blown away this man can be trusted to get you top quality radio ready hits. His ears are keen and his knowledge is superb! Definitely give Baz a shot on your next masterpiece it will get every ounce of attention it deserves he always goes above and beyond!

Danny Waldron

Danny Waldron
Kololo - Drums, Vocals

Incredible production master!

Bill Maries

Bill Maries
Stealth Cat - Drums

From start to finish Baz offered my band, Stealth Cat a professional and relaxed atmosphere to record a single in, and as a producer had some really slick and unique techniques up his sleeve to get the sound we wanted. Workflow was really productive and the live monitoring was top notch. This made for a very productive session in which we completed a band single in one session. It was a lot of fun and at no point was there any stress. We can't thank you enough and will definitely be back again for more recordings in the future.

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